The next general election (in May 2015) will be critical in deciding whether or not the UK commits to ending its reliance on nuclear weapons, and commits to negotiations on a global treaty to ban all nuclear armaments, worldwide. In March 2015, Action AWE is organizing a month of nonviolent action at Aldermaston and Burghfield Atomic Weapons Establishments, where Britain builds and maintains it’s nuclear bombs. We’re hoping to see 31 actions in 31 days, and we want you to be a part of it!

Organize with a group and commit to one day, in March 2015, to take action at the AWE bomb factories in Berkshire (Mondays to Thursdays are generally most effective). Alert your local media to your action, and meet your MP and general election candidates when you get back – make it clear you will not vote for candidates who support Trident replacement.

Help spread the word by signing the pledge below, ask your friends to do the same, and get organizing your action! Action AWE can provide lots of different types of support for groups wanting to take part in Act, Speak, Vote > Disarm!, such as training in nonviolent action, help with media work, and providing leaflets and publicity material.

Remember to let us know when you hope to take action (you don’t have to tell us what you’re planning!)