UK’s Anti-Nuclear Movement

ActionAWE is part of the anti-nuclear movement in the UK. The movement comprises of various groups against nuclear technologies such as nuclear weapons and nuclear power.

Both individuals and groups take part in the anti-nuclear protests and demonstrations that have occurred in the UK for many decades.

We’re one of the most prominent groups in the UK opposing nuclear weapons. The fight against nuclear weaponry began as early as the 1958 and still continues.

In the 1960s, over 10,000 people took part in a four-day protest march in London. The Green ham Common Women’s Peace Camp was a noticeable mobilization group in the 1980s against nuclear power and weapons.

Over 300,000 people took to Hyde Park in 1983 in London to protest against nuclear weapons. It’s the largest protest in the UK’s anti-nuclear protest history. The government’s 2005 proposal to replace the old Trident weapons system with a modern model received countless peace camps and protests.

The British government, in 2010, announced eight potential locations for nuclear power stations in the future. Some of the sites saw protests and opposition against the government proposition.

The Scottish Parliament backed the Scottish government in stating that Scotland will not be home to any new nuclear power station. E.ON and RWE power had planned to construct new nuclear power plants but pulled out of the projects in early 2012.

According to analysts, the decisions pointed to an unknown nuclear power future in the UK.

Some other groups that are part of the anti-nuclear movement include:

  • Friends of the Earth (EWNI)
  • Greenpeace
  • Christian CND
  • Seeds of hope
  • Nuclear information service
  • Scientists against nuclear arms