Bombs Ahoy! Why the UK is desperate for Nuclear Power

So what are the implications for campaigners opposting Hinkley C and other new nuclear power plants? First it means that there is little point in trying to change the minds of key decision makers in the UK government and opposition parties about nuclear power.

They already know as well as you do that it’s a disastrous option for power generation. However they will continue to insist how utterly necessary it is for the UK to have nuclear power at more or less any cost, trotting out one absurd and unconvincing reason after another as they have been doing for years.

The same goes, incidentally, for nuclear power in the USA, China, Russia, France and other WMD countries. In all of them civil nuclear power provides the ‘nuclear sea’ in which the ‘WMD fish’ may swim.

However it is worth exposing politicians’ lies for what they are – and making it absolutely clear, on every possible occasion, that the only reason they really want nuclear power is to maintain the UK’s status as a nuclear WMD state.

After all, the fact they are so assiduous in concealing this truth shows it’s one that’s seriously damaging to the case they’re making.

While you’re about it, be sure to explain the nature of the relationship and how the government’s aim is a sneaky and dishonest one – to force the UK’s energy users to pay for the country’s WMD program in our power bills.