Action AWE

About Action Atomic Weapons Eradication

Our Mission

Our mission is to eradicate weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons worldwide to secure the future of new generations. We oppose the creation, production, implementation, use, and testing of nuclear weapons.


ActionAWE is part of the anti-nuclear movement in the UK. The movement comprises of various groups against nuclear technologies such as nuclear weapons and nuclear power. 

Media & News

Since the beginning of the 20th Century, we continue to fight against nuclear weapons. The support for groups and individuals against nuclear technology has increased immensely over the years.


Anti-nuclear protesters

DID YOU know that nuclear warheads are regularly transported for hundreds of miles along UK roads? Police and Marines escort these military convoys between the warhead factory near Aldermaston and the Trident submarine base in Scotland. 

Legal Support

STAGE 1: during the action
STAGE 2: When the action is over and it looks like there will be no more arrests
STAGE 3: While you are waiting
STAGE 4: When you know some people will be released

Get your story out

Many people joining Action AWE will already be skilled and experienced in getting their message out via the mass media but others may welcome some pointers. Some actions will be planned and publicized in advance, others will be unannounced.

About Us

Action Atomic Weapons Eradication (ActionAWE) is a non-profit organization with a focus on fighting nuclear weapons. The organization runs a campaign dubbed “Atomic Weapons Eradication” to fight against nuclear weapons in the UK.

We care about the environment and human health, and thus concerned about the negative effects of nuclear weapons on life. UK’s nuclear weapons are a threat to the general public health and can bring about serious problems.

The organization is committed to ceasing the production of nuclear weapons at the atomic weapons establishment.