What Is The Reason For Baldness In Men

Unfortunately, the symptoms of androgenetic alopecia – the official name for male baldness – it can start at the age of 20. For most men, the process begins with losing a bit hair and then slowly spread to the whole head.Usually, the entire process to complete hair loss takes 15 to 25 years.

However, some men lose their hair in 5 years or less.They could not do anything about it. There is no cure (even though they say it in the ads), but there are two little effective treatments that some men still cause unpleasant side effects: “Propecia” (finasteride), a pill that essentially reduces the level of hormones, works best in early days of hair loss and can slow down the process. The second treatment “Rogaine” (minoxidil), which can also help reduce the speed of hair loss.

However, in some men, the negative consequences of these two treatments outweigh positive because “Propecia” reduces sex drive, while “Rogaine”, which should be applied 2 times a day, can irritate the skin.Finally, half of all 50 years old are bald men or they are starting to become while by age 60 two out of three men are bald. But the real question is: Why You? Many people believe that hair loss is transmitted by the mother. While it is true that a key gene for baldness is the X chromosome, which is produced by the mother, it is not the only genetic factor, because people who have bald fathers are much more likely to get bald more than others.

While some studies claim that baldness is a genetic problem, scientists say baldness with anyone in your family can be a sign of your impending fate.The most common form of hair loss is a result of your body when it becomes very sensitive to androgen, a type of male hormone.

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Normally, every strand of hair grows 2 to 6 years, then, after a phase of rest falls and is replaced by new hair. When the process of baldness in men starts, the follicle (the hole from which hair grows) is becoming smaller. Begin to grow smaller and thinner hairs until the end does not stop growing in general.While most men the problem of baldness is a psychological – especially when starting in the early 20s by a man.

There are some physiological disadvantages of this process. Loss of hair apparently increases the risk for skin cancer on the scalp. Although uncommon, however, scientists have baldness associated with increased incidence of heart disease, hypertension, and high cholesterol levels.While experts argue that these effects may be due to excess testosterone or genes, one thing is certain: Men who experience hair loss should begin to monitor their blood pressure and cholesterol and to care for the health of their heart.

So if your hair starts to fall, view it as a sign to start to worry about your health. It is time for a change, quit smoking, reduce drinking, start exercising and use diet program to save your heart.

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