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Action AWE (Atomic Weapons Eradication) is a grassroots campaign of nonviolent actions dedicated to halting nuclear weapons production at the Atomic Weapons Establishment factories at Aldermaston  and Burghfield. The purpose is for groups and individuals to undertake autonomous actions and events from February 2013 onwards to raise awareness of the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons and exert political pressure for Britain to end the production, replacement and deployment of Trident and join other countries in negotiating a global treaty to ban nuclear weapons.

Please join Action AWE to give Trident the final push. Joining just means using this website for inspiration, information and advice on how to organise your actions, doing the actions and entering them into the calendar and posting your pictures and reports.

The calendar is for you to advertise your event either before or if you would rather the event was a ‘surprise, you can add the event in afterwards. This will enable us to know what has happened and to see that our particular action is part of a whole series of autonomously organised actions.

We are all urged to write reports and take pictures, do press work and reach out to the nearest 3 towns (Reading, Newbury and Basingstoke) to make our actions visible and potent. There will be some large national and international events organised each year so that we can all join in for some more spectacular actions.

Invitation to Join Action AWE

Read our brief introduction to the ACTION AWE campaign, designed to help you and your group plan your involvement in the campaign. Full information and downloadable briefings on key issues are available via the menu bar at the top of this page.

Quick link to Invitation to Join Action AWE, with printable downloads.

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Ken Loach

“Spending £100 billion on replacing Trident is a catastrophic folly. I’m sure I am one of many who support the those, like Action-AWE, who campaign actively and imaginatively against it”

– Ken Loach

John Hurt

".....the government has pledged to rebuild a new generation of British nuclear weapons at enormous cost and at a time when social services budgets including those for health and education are being drastically cut. Having nuclear weapons doesn't make us safer, it just brings the possibility of nuclear conflict ever closer. We need to protect this planet not put it at even more risk of destruction. We all have a voice so please use yours and join me in supporting ACTION AWE." John Hurt
For full quotes from people who've given personal messages of support to Action AWE, please click here!

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