Transforming Into A New Woman: Enhancing On The Inside And Out

Appealing towards the opposite sex is really a science. For somebody who has been out of the dating scene for awhile, it might be difficult to dive in again. Adapting towards the world’s definition of stunning can be quite the task.

Changing The Inside

It had been 4 years because of Emily’s final date. And “date” was a really generous term for the disaster of an evening she endured having a grotesque man. For a while, Emily was pleased to be single. But because the years passed by, she began to wonder why she was constantly passed by.

What was it that other women had that she was lacking?

Rather than sinking into a deep depression about the issue, Emily decided to turn out to be proactive. Maybe if she made a couple of modifications in her life, she might be more appealing towards the opposite sex.The first lifestyle alters Emily sought out was a weight loss plan. She wasn’t delusional about her look; by no means was Emily fat. But, it wouldn’t hurt to shed a couple of pounds – she did have a bit of junk in the trunk. And, a healthier lifestyle which included nutritious foods and exercise would always be beneficial. Emily also decided to seek the help of a therapist. Her past was checkered with unhealthy relationships. Emily was forever embracing men she ought to have walked (or ran) away from. She required somebody to encourage her to stay away from the men she couldn’t alter.Trying to alter a person into what Emily wanted them to be was fruitless; it would only hurt her in the end.

Changing The Outside

Emily felt she had a deal with on her internal issues, now it was time to face the outward issues. One glance into her closet proved there was a great deal of work to be done. It had been years because Emily had even ventured into a mall, let alone purchased something for herself. A close inspection of her saggy-bottom jeans, scuffed loafers and stained tops left Emily mortified – and eager to purchase a whole new wardrobe!

Purchasing new clothes brought other aspects of Emily’s look into question as well. What was she thinking, wearing such unattractive eyeglasses? Why was she hiding behind giant frames? It was time to take the plunge and purchase contacts! While looking for her new lenses, Emily came across a vendor with cheap colored contacts. “Sure,” Emily thought, “Why not?!”On a roll, Emily kept the modifications coming.

Entering the salon, Emily was a dirty-blonde. Exiting the salon, Emily was golden-blonde! She also got a cut, style, manicure, and pedicure. Barely recognizable, Emily was a mere shadow of her former self. Once she felt the transformation was complete, Emily set out to find herself a man!

A speed dating event was being held at the community center. She figured it was worth a shot! If all else failed, she could always check out online dating websites! Even if landing prince charming is not the goal, it does not hurt to put yourself out there. Go on a couple of dates. Meet some new individuals. Appreciate getting gussied up and being a girly-girl for a few hours! Every woman dreamed to be the most beautiful in the eyes of her man. \

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