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The Use Of Yoga For Stress Relief

The use of yoga has been prevalent since many centuries, and spares you from portraying an unhealthy body and mind. Yoga can really help reduce many problems, especially stress. Since, from a child to an adult everyone is susceptible to stress, therefore, yoga can benefit all age groups.

To curb stress and its counterparts, it is beneficial to perform yoga, and few other breathing exercises, known as ‘pranayama’. These two protects you from stress, breathing problems, digestion issues, and many more problems.

Inhale Relaxation Exhale Stress

There are many yoga postures that can be of help to all the stress bearers, but, here are a few simple ones for starters.

A feeling of drowsiness, headache and lethargy takes over your body when you are stressed. This feeling cannot be easily shaken off, and continues to build up on a daily basis. To completely obliterate this feeling, a few breathing exercises, called pranayama can be practiced. Pranayama involves deep lung inhaling, and exhaling.

Since mostly stress causes the body and brain to be deprived of oxygen, pranayama can solve that problem for you. However, keep in mind that if you are suffering from breathlessness or any other acute respiratory issues, then perform pranayama under supervision.

Vajrasana With Its Benefits

Another unbearable stress related discomfort is indigestion and stomach trouble. After a certain point in time, your body automatically develops immunity to those antacids and laxatives as well. The best decision would be not to opt for medicines, and instead choose a form of yoga called Vajrasana.

This technique involves kneeling down and sitting on your heels, make sure that you are not slouching while doing so. Keep looking straight ahead and relax your body. Vajrasana is a great way to digest your meal as well as relieves you of the constant turmoil in your abdomen.

The body in itself is very lazy, and if left on its own then it will rust in no time. It is up to you to keep it going. However, if your mind is stressed then there is no way you’ll be able to drive your body. Therefore, a round of Vakrasana, the twisted yoga pose should do the trick. This pose will help you dump the backache, and tone the various organs around your abdomen. This is also a great way to lose the extra fat around your waistline.

Most Relaxed of Yoga Poses

Last, but not the easiest, is Savasana, the corpse posture. This technique is a top of the line relaxation and stress relief method. Usually performed at the end of the regime, savasana is done by simply lying down on the floor in a spread eagle position.

You need to close your eyes, and be completely relaxed. This process is easier said than done because, most people fall asleep while doing savasana. The trick in this exercise is to remain conscious, yet relaxed. But, once mastered, this can help you immensely in bringing down your stress levels.

Since your lives are already stressed enough, this exercise regime should not add to that. Perform these at your own convenience and liking, and remember that you are doing this for your benefit and not loss.

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