Event announcment:Report an International War Crime at Reading Police Station

Briefing and leaflets for this event now available at the bottom of this page – to read, download or print in Pdf

Saturday 8th February 2014 at noon.


You have a right to report a crime.
It is a crime to threaten mass murder.
It is a crime to prepare for mass murder.
Trident is the crime.

Reporting the Crime.

We will gather outside Reading Police Station, Castle Street, Reading, RG1 7TH, at noon on Saturday 8th February 2014, at noon.


Forming an orderly queue, with placards and banners, one by one we will enter the police station (leaving placards outside) to report the crime, ask for a crime number and to press for an immediate criminal investigation.

This is not a stunt – it is a genuine and wholehearted attempt to make sure that the various crimes, including crimes against humanity and war crimes, that are being planned and prepared for at AWE Aldermaston and AWE Burghfield, are properly investigated by the police.

Why this action, and why now?

The police are a public service paid for out of our taxes and under democratic control. They are ‘our’ police force. We will be demanding that they carry out their duties impartially, in the public interest, by investigating the crimes we will report to them. Such investigations should, if we have a just and democratic system, lead eventually to the courts ordering the government and armed forces to take all of the UK nuclear weapons off alert and start the
long promised process of honest nuclear disarmament, thus fulfilling the UK’s international obligations under Article VI of the 1968 NonProliferation Treaty (NPT).

At the moment, the government are pumping millions of pounds into upgrading Aldermaston and Burghfield in preparation for the renewal of Trident, an act which is not only in direct contravention of their obligations under the NPT, but is moreover, an illegal preparation for mass murder. The replacement of the UK nuclear weapons system is an attempt to force the UK into many more decades of nuclear dependency. It is the police force’s job to enforce the law and international humanitarian law is not only a part of UK law, but trumps all purely national laws. Please note that the Nuremberg Trials verified that international humanitarian law is superior to state law.

In the UK, the government has tried, fairly successfully, to keep the issue of the illegality of nuclear weapons and the Trident system, out of the courts, saying that matters of defence cannot be brought before the courts or ruled upon as it is the prerogative of the Queen. This must now be vigorously challenged.

We, the public, cannot allow our government and armed forces, under an outdated ‘Queen’s Prerogative’, to continue to plan for mass murder. In any truly democratic and law abiding society, no part of society can be ‘above the law’. An important difference between a soldier and a murderer is that a soldier is constrained by law to engage only in legalised killing in accordance with international humanitarian law – in other words the killing must be limited and controlled by the laws of war. Threatening to use the nuclear weapons that the UK deploys is a war crime, a crime against humanity and a crime against peace – some of the most serious crimes known to humanity.

Ordinary members of the public go to the police station when they are robbed, or injured, or if they think that someone else is preparing for a crime, and they expect their complaints and reports to be taken seriously. Thus, on February 8th, we will go to Reading Police Station to report the crimes being committed at AWE Burghfield and AWE Aldermaston. These Atomic Weapons Establishments are assuredly preparing for enormous and unimaginably horrific crimes.

We will soon be producing a briefing pack, with details of the national and international laws that we believe are being broken by the nuclear armed forces and there will also be a briefing for those interested in taking part during the evening of Friday 7th February, in Reading. Please contact us for more information or look on our website www.actionawe.org

Public Concerns

Different people and groups will not only report the major crime of preparing war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes against peace but also more local crimes that are impacting on them now.

These will include crimes of environmental contamination and pollution (radioactive leaks into ground water), unacceptable dangers of nuclear convoys on public roads, crimes of misuse of tax payers money and any others that concerned citizens wish to raise with the police.

For more information please contact Action AWE (Angie) on 01547520929 or email us on info@actionawe.org

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  Briefing for ‘Reporting a crime at Reading Police Station’


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 Action AWE Trident Leaflet


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Ken Loach

“Spending £100 billion on replacing Trident is a catastrophic folly. I’m sure I am one of many who support the those, like Action-AWE, who campaign actively and imaginatively against it”

– Ken Loach

John Hurt

".....the government has pledged to rebuild a new generation of British nuclear weapons at enormous cost and at a time when social services budgets including those for health and education are being drastically cut. Having nuclear weapons doesn't make us safer, it just brings the possibility of nuclear conflict ever closer. We need to protect this planet not put it at even more risk of destruction. We all have a voice so please use yours and join me in supporting ACTION AWE." John Hurt
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