Nuclear weapons in Scotland

The UK’s nuclear weapons system is based in Scotland.Trident submarines are based at HMNB (Her Majesty’s Naval Base) Clyde, gererally known as Faslane, and nuclear warheads at RNAD (Royal Navy Armaments Depot) Coulport.


The Scottish Government has said it will have Westminster remove its nuclear weapons from Scotland should it win independence for Scotland. SNP leader Alex Salmond has said Scotland’s constitution will ban nuclear weapons from Scotland.

A Scottish ban on nuclear weapons would  force the Ministry of Defence to find a new location for Trident in England or Wales. For some reason the UK government doesn’t consider putting its nuclear weapons system in Northern Ireland!

A great deal of debate is underway in Scotland and Wesminster concerning where to base nuclear weapons if they have to be moved out of  Scotland. In June 2007 the Scottish Parliament voted to oppose the replacement of Trident and the majority of Scots don’t want nuclear weapons in Scotland.

A recent report from Scottish CND suggests how Westminster could relocate Trident:


Ken Loach

“Spending £100 billion on replacing Trident is a catastrophic folly. I’m sure I am one of many who support the those, like Action-AWE, who campaign actively and imaginatively against it”

– Ken Loach

John Hurt

".....the government has pledged to rebuild a new generation of British nuclear weapons at enormous cost and at a time when social services budgets including those for health and education are being drastically cut. Having nuclear weapons doesn't make us safer, it just brings the possibility of nuclear conflict ever closer. We need to protect this planet not put it at even more risk of destruction. We all have a voice so please use yours and join me in supporting ACTION AWE." John Hurt
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