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Best Exercises for Kids

Kids need exercise too; even if they have a lesser risk of lifestyle related diseases. With the rise of various video games, kid’s channels and other forms of entertainment for kids, their lifestyles have also shifted from being active to becoming more sedentary.

In fact, an increase in the incidence of obesity in kids has been reported over the past five years while advanced gaming gadgets have also risen in popularity. During the vacations, some kids literally just stay inside the house playing – but the problem is, they are not playing active games, but video games or watching TV.

According to authorities in physical education, kids need to have at least an hour of exercise in a day. They can do moderate to vigorous activities and the hour of exercise can be divided into sets of 15 minutes. The following are the best exercises that kids can enjoy doing:

  1. Active Play

All kids love to play so parents just need to introduce the correct ways to play and that is to get up and move their bodies. Most common active games that exercise your kid’s body include tag or catch, use of jump ropes, skipping games and the like. It is also important to motivate kids to do these by engaging in play with them too. Camping and hiking are also great ways to enjoy exercise.

  1. Sports

Aside from playing, kids also love sports, so maximize these interests by enrolling them in sports during vacation or encouraging them to join their school’s sports activities. These may include swimming, bowling, tennis, basketball, and others. Just make sure that they are safe during contact sports and allow them to wear proper protective gear to prevent any injuries.

  1. Yoga

Yoga is not only for adults, but for kids too. In fact, according to the Yoga Journal website, yoga is also best for kids to enhance their coordination, strength, flexibility, body awareness, sense of calmness and relaxation. Kids will definitely enjoy the animal poses, trees poses, airplane pose and others. You can also do yoga together.

  1. Household chores

Giving your kids some age-appropriate household chores not only promotes responsibility in the home, but also helps their bodies have some form of exercise. First, assess the likes and abilities of your children in order to identify what household chores to give. You may also offer rewards after completion of the tasks to motivate them.

  1. Use of fitness equipment

Kids are not ready for treadmills, stationary bikes and weights, but there is also age-appropriate fitness equipment such as indoor and outdoor trampoline, roller skates, monkey bars, bikes, hula hoops, skateboards and others. Kids love these games especially when they are with other kids. You can talk to your neighbors to promote exercise for their kids too. Make sure to ensure safety by letting them wear protective gears while playing.

What is important in order to implement these exercises is to schedule the time for kids to exercise. A family day is a great time to enjoy these things with your kids. Aside from promoting health, you also are able to enhance family bonding when you do these activities together. Also, you must set an example for kids by showing them that you do exercise too, and explain to them the importance of it. While it’s not bad to have those new video games, they need to balance playing video games with being active.

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