4 Home Remedies For Allergies

If you have allergies you know that the symptoms such as a runny, itchy, and stuffed nose can get annoying. Nobody really knows how allergies develop since everybody is different. Family genes are normally the main reason people develop allergies. If you have allergies there is a huge chance your mom or dad does too.

You can also develop allergies if you are recovering from an illness or during pregnancy when your immune system is weakened. You are most likely to develop allergy symptoms during spring season since allergy-causing pollens are most active during this time. However, allergy symptoms can take place during any time of the year.

Check out some simple tips to stop allergy symptoms naturally.

Create More Space

Allergens like to hid in junk so try to keep your house neat and organized. Don’t clutter your house so bugs, mold, and dust mites can live comfortably. The more space you create and reduce clutter the less chance you have of developing allergies.

Watch What You Eat

Sometimes people develop allergy symptoms as soon as they are done eating certain kind of foods. Certain kinds of nuts and even fresh fruits can cause allergic reactions. As a matter of fact, raw or fresh foods normally cause pollen like allergic symptoms in the springtime.

Honey is a food item you can include in your diet to prevent allergy symptoms. When bees are out they fly from one plant to the next getting soaked in pollen and other allergens. The bees eventually transport these allergens straight to the honey they produce.

So since honey contains some traces of pollen it will act as a natural immune system booster. Simply eating a small amount of honey everyday will slowly build up your immune system so you become almost immune to allergens like pollen.

Wash Your Hair

Washing your hair is a great home remedy to stop allergy symptoms. Allergens like pollen love getting trapped in your hair (especially if you like using gel products) so you need to wash it out. If you don’t wash it out before you go to bed the pollen will get on your pillow and stay there until you wash it.

Saline Sinus Rinse/Flush

This home remedy for allergies can stop chronic sinus problems without using any drugs. You can find some great commercial sinus rinse products at your local pharmacy. However, if you want to make your own at your house here is the recipe.You’ll need 3 tsp iodine free pickling salt. Next you are going to need 1 tsp of baking soda, and finally 8 ounces of warm water. Mix up these ingredients and then store the solution in an airtight jar.

To use the saline rinse you must lean your head forward a little and turn to the left. Now drop some of the saline rinse solution into your right nostril. Allow the solution to sit for a moment and breathe normally. Now do the same thing again with your left nostril.

These are some quick and easy home remedies you can use to stop allergy symptoms. Even though you are most vulnerable during spring, you must remember you can develop allergies at any time and these home remedies will help you stop the symptoms when they pop up.

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